John Miller Chief Executive Officer 
David Paddison President 
Doug Rieder Chairman 

Members of the Board

Team Members

Vici Alexander, CPA Chief Financial Officer 
Paul R. Baker, CIC Partner 
Robert Ball Client Advisor 
J. William (Bill) Barrow, ARM, CRM Director – Client Risk and Claims Advocacy 
Michael Butler, CPCU Partner 
Matt Cail Client Advisor 
Matthew Carey, CIC, CISR Manager Client Strategy 
Charles B. “Chip” Compton, Jr. Partner 
James C. Congelio Client Advisor 
Charlie Culverhouse Client Advisor 
William J. (Bill) Danish Partner 
Laura Delavan Client Advisor 
Terri Doyle, HIA, MHP, CPIW Partner 
John H. Earl Partner 
Terry Emmett Partner 
William W. Fagan, III General Counsel 
Lesley Garrett Manager Client Strategy 
Lesley Garrett
Manager Client Strategy 
Brett Godwin, CPCU Chief Operating Officer 
David Greene Partner 
Bill Griffin Client Advisor 
W. Wesley Hamilton, CIC Client Advisor 
Trevor Holder Client Advisor 
Tammie Johnson Client Advisor 
C. Mark Mason, CIC Manager Client Strategy 
Joey Maxwell, CLCS Client Advisor 
Dennis McClelland Client Advisor 
J. Cliff McCurry, CPCU Director of Community Development 
Oliver “Wink” Meadows, CIC, CPIA Client Advisor 
J. Bart Miller Partner 
Greg Miller, FLMI Client Advisor 
Dick Naylor Partner 
Jenny O’Sako, CIC, CISR Partner 
Thomas Odom, Jr. Client Advisor 
Michael F. Ottwiller Partner 
Brian M. Perry Partner 
Nick W. Peters, CIC Client Advisor 
Andy Philips Partner 
Nicholas (Nick) Puhala, CIC Partner 
Jimbo Ramsay Client Advisor 
Brent Reece Director of Risk Management and Advocacy 
Allan Reynolds, CIC, AAI Partner 
Debbie Rich, CPIW Partner 
Scott H. Richardson, CPCU Client Advisor 
Jacob F. Rieder Client Advisor 
Miles Schmidt Client Advisor 
Charles Seiler, ARM, AFSB, CIC Client Advisor 
Ryan Sewell, CPCU Partner 
John W. Shingler Partner 
Kavin Smith, CPCU Partner 
Matt Stinchcomb Partner 
John Tereshinski Partner 
David W. Thatcher Client Advisor 
Katie Tidwell, RHU, CEBS Partner 
Cindy Trickey Client Advisor 
John (Bev) West Director Client Strategy 
Susan White Partner 
Mark M. Wilcox, GBA Partner 
Carl R. Wise Director Client Strategy 
Jarrod L. Wright, CIC Client Advisor 
A. Knox Wyatt, III Client Advisor 
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