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Risk Management

Who are you when nobody’s watching?

Business owners often lament the cost of insurance and assume there’s nothing they can do to keep those costs under control. That’s simply not true. Sterling Seacrest’s risk management tools help your organization proactively manage risk exposures and develop effective workplace safety programs, to reduce claims, losses and associated costs.

We have a robust online platform that provides your business with the essential tools to build, manage and document compliance of a mitigation-focused safety program.

Our tools will make sure your employees are knowledgeable, competent and have the skills they need to perform their jobs to meet your bottom line. We will help you proactively build a culture of safety in your business.


Our team of experts and tools will help you:

  • Meet OSHA hazard communication requirements
  • Access a best-practices safety library (bi-lingual; includes videos)
  • Train employees efficiently and effectively
  • Build a behavior-based safety program
  • Manage certificates of insurance to limit liability
  • Create job descriptions and modified duty programs