Savannah Experts Talk Tips and Advice for Staying Ahead of Storms

Savannah Experts Talk Tips and Advice for Staying Ahead of Storms

President, David Paddison in the Savannah Morning News with tips to stay ahead of storms.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the U.S. Department of Labor about 40% of small businesses won’t reopen following the immediate impact of a natural disaster and in the three years following a natural disaster 75% of businesses without a continuity plan will fail.

The first thing you should do when developing a preparedness plan is address what perils your business may encounter during a hurricane, including high winds, rain and flooding, said David Paddison, president of Sterling Seacrest Partners, Inc., a local insurance brokerage and employee benefits consulting firm.

Any openings such as windows and doors should be boarded up or protected with shutters. The building’s roof and gutters should be cleared to address any rainwater issues. The impact of any nearby ditches or bodies of water should also be assessed.

“If there is risk of rising water or moving water you should consider fortifying your openings with sandbags and things like that,” he said.

“You’ve got windstorms, flooding, rain and utility service interruption and those may fall under different policies and be handled different ways,” he said, adding that it’s also important to note that once a hurricane is imminent you won’t be able to buy insurance.

“You really need to have a good, long conversation before the storm so that you have a good understanding and expectation of what a named storm deductible actually mean and how it affects you.”


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